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BL Advisory Group prides itself as one of only a few in the financial and wealth advisory industry that is 100% Privately-Owned, Transparent and Client-Centric in its advice; this is based upon an entirely transparent fee-for-service structure.

We believe that there are three critical factors that make an advisory firm truly Strategic-Client-Centric:

    1.  100% Privately-Owned – Strategic Perspective

    2.  Full Fee-for-Service – Client-Centric Advice

    3.  All Fees and Commissions Revealed  –   Transparency and Clarity

100% Privately Owned

BL Advisory Group is 100% privately owned and completely transparent in its fee structure. Given that the majority of the advice industry is either institutionally owned or aligned in one form or another, we stand out as truly client-centric in our approach always providing what is best in our clients’ interest. We pride ourselves on this distinctive characteristic, as this separates us from the majority of our competitors.

Full Fee-for-Service

At BL Advisory Group, we believe that the only way to be truly client-centric is to operate under a full fee-for-service model providing complete transparency and clarity in our advice. Combined with a rebating structure on investment commissions, our focus has and always will be to achieve the best result for our clients.

Fees and Commissions

Our clients are always in full control of the cost relating to the advice they receive. We believe this is the only way a client is able to adequately assess whether the advice they receive is in their best interest.

As a result of these three collective factors, our clients receive Strategic-Client-Centric advice, while having complete knowledge of all associated fees. Ultimately placing them in the best possible position to make an informed decision as to whether the benefits of the advice they receive outweigh the total cost to which they effectively incur, whether directly or indirectly.

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