Superannuation / Self-Managed Super Funds


Superannuation may at times account for a significant portion of a client’s total net worth; this “investment vehicle” when managed correctly can have an immense impact on the overall wealth of an individual. Given the extensive super choices available, selecting which structure is most appropriate for each individual client’s needs is critical in the planning process. With the right advice and effective management, superannuation can provide an extremely tax-effective environment to accumulate, hold and distribute one’s assets.

Whether individuals are in the accumulation, preservation or drawdown phase, knowing and taking advantage of the benefits of this tax-effective structure can have a significant impact on how well they will retire.



The ever growing complexity as a result of continual legislative changes makes it ever more critical that advice is ongoing to ensure compliance is continuously adhered to.

At BL Advisory Group, as part of our overall wealth service, we provide detailed analysis, forecast and reporting on our clients’ Superannuation/SMSF funds. This includes analysis, forecasting and reporting on (but not limited to):

  • Income and Contributions
  • Tax
  • Cash flow and Liquidity
  • Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation - SMSF
  • Component Breakdown and Yearly Adjustment (tax-free and taxable components, taxed and untaxed elements etc.)
  • Accumulation and Pension Balance Proportioning

All of the above forecasts are provided in our initial “Statement of Advice” and ongoing review reports.

Clients in the later stages of their lives should - before commencing a Pension Drawdown or Transition-to-Retirement Strategy - have a detailed forecast of not only the appropriate Investment Strategy, but also the “Cash Flow and Liquidity” aspects of their pension account. This is critical as the dynamics and requirements of a pension balance differ vastly to that of an account in accumulation mode. 

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