Investment Advice and Asset Management


Having access to the vast available investment options in the market and operating under a fee-for-service model, we can truly provide the most comprehensive investment strategy appropriate for each and every client’s individual and specific needs.

A careful research process is carried out prior to any recommendations made. We draw from a number of external sources to support our internal research ensuring our clients are placed first when it comes to investment selection and portfolio construction.

Combining a strategic asset allocation and rebalancing approach, we are abreast of the continual changes that affect investment performance and overall asset allocations. Whether investments are held in a client’s own name or within other structures such as a Self-Managed Super Fund, in-depth research and ongoing management is paramount to achieving the outcome of a mandated investment strategy.

There are many important factors that require careful consideration prior to investing; one crucial factor is that the investment fits into the client’s overall Financial-Wealth Strategy. While it is important that high quality investments are selected, it is just as important that the appropriate investment mix is created with respect to each and every client’s unique situation. 



Our areas of expertise include:

Direct Shares

Listed (and Unlisted) Property Funds (A-REIT)

Fractional Property Investments

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Listed Investment Companies (LICs)

Managed Funds

Bonds (Corporate/Government, etc.)


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