Debt Structuring and Cash Flow Management


Our advice surrounding this area is carried out with detailed forecasts ensuring our clients’ debt and cash flow position is well placed and effectively managed regardless of how well their investments are projected to perform. In anticipation of continuing changes in varying factors such as investment distributions and interest rate fluctuations, our clients’ debt, cash flow and liquidity requirements are structured with the utmost measures of adequacy.

Often, critical financial decisions are carried out in the absence of a careful assessment of how such changes will impact on cash flows. This can often lead to unnecessary loss of wealth due to inadequate planning, potentially leading to an immense negative impact on an individual’s net worth and retirement funds.

Whether you are considering debt in your own name, or within other structures such as a Trust or a Self-Managed Super Fund, a detailed cash flow projection is critical to ensure its suitability within your overall strategy. Our strategies take into account how each and every recommendation affects our clients’ cash flows, ensuring that any such recommendations are appropriate with respect to cash flow and liquidity requirements. 

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